One stop foreign exchange broker solution

  • Mf4 trading platform

    A professional trading system specially designed for foreign exchange / precious metal trading, Provide web trading platform and mobile system operation, which is simple and convenient

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  • CRM System

    Effectively help brokers manage IB and customers, reduce operating costs, improve operating efficiency and increase user survival

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  • MT white label solution

    One stop MT white label solution helps brokers quickly build their own brand trading platform

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  • Merchandising master

    Integrated documentary transactions
    Three functions of live video and community interaction

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  • Cross platform solutions

    Help foreign exchange / precious metals / futures brokers optimize themselves
    Brokerage business and increase business income

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  • ECN System

    Adopt the trader free platform mode, so that market participants can obtain Transparent quotation, ultra-low point spread, fast order execution and deep liquidity

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  • Liquidity solutions

    Assess risks and needs for customers, provide a variety of hedging management modes, and assist in stabilizing trading business and controlling risks

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  • Intelligent algorithm automatic transaction

    Collect more than 1million expert trading strategies, without programming foundation, so that you can enjoy 24-hour worry free trading

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  • MT4/MT5 Bridge

    The mt4/mt5 bridging service connects the mt4/mt5 server to the liquidity provider (LP) to help securities companies hedge risks

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  • MT4/MT5 custom plug-in

    MT4/MT5 customized plug-ins can match the business models and various personalized needs of different brokers, making it easier for brokers to control the market!

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Why choose mobile finance?

The mobile financial technology team is well aware that the security and flexibility of the trading system are important to brokers,
Therefore, we should strengthen the investment of resources to develop and maintain system security solutions and customized flexibility solutions, so as to create a new "worry free trading" experience for brokers.

Company news

  • Mt4.mt5 related news - gold price outlook: strong dollar + rising yield vs recession concerns + war risks, who can dominate the gold price trend?

    the strengthening US dollar and higher yields were offset by geopolitical risks and recession concerns

  • Foreign exchange news -- will the US dollar continue to strengthen for three months? Expert: the federal funds rate will reach 3% in Q1 next year

    Federal Reserve officials recently took turns to make hawkish statements, encouraging the dollar index to jump to a two-year high.

  • Analysis of the transaction mode of MT5's six pending orders

    An order refers to a trading order issued by an investor to limit the price or stop the loss,

  • MT4, MT5 related news - no progress in Russia Ukraine negotiations, oil price shocks

    Oil prices fluctuated and Asian stock markets fell on Tuesday.


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